Friday, August 26, 2011

When I grow up.

I think ever since I saw "The Minds Eye" video I wanted to be a 3D animation artist, and I would love love love to be a professional sound designer. I suppose I am closer to a sound designer than an animator, someday maybe I will find time to get into animation. This video combines both those loves. Someone out there is living my dream as a work week. Hopefully someday I too will get serious about it.
(Watch High Res with good sound if you can)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Continental Fast Break

Manifest Jukebox was conceived as a monthly music night where the theme is simple: we would play awesome music of our choosing from our respective music collections, with no truly defined genre. More on this later... Manifest Jukebox has taken its first form as a mix series on the internet through the mix magic skills of my partner in musical crime Scot Markland. I really, really love these mixes, and I have heard a LOT of mixes in my years. I highly recommend checking out the first one HERE if you haven't already (free download)! Volume 2 is now out! This volume leans heavy on rhythms from around the planet. Why did I say planet and not world? Probably because when you say 'world music' people conjure up images of the dusty new age section in music shops, and this is sad as there is some amazing music from the other non-North American and European continents. Much like the brand 'electronic music' glosses over so many aural gems and musical rarities, 'world music' as a descriptor does much the same. Scot as usual digs deep and dishes out some diamonds, unearths some forgotten funky relics and serves up some slices of music you forgot you knew about. For the new volume Scot asked me do some of my new art style, which I think I shall call Serial Glyphography, over a map. I found a reasonably old map (you have to guess the country) and went to work. I am actually really pleased with the results! There were actually two separate pieces that I did, and I cropped a good 10 or so details and let Scot choose the one he liked best, and this became the cover. I liked some of the other options so much I decided to share them with you! (Maybe share the entire originals if someone asks or I feel like it). Each one has something cool cropped into it. I'm glad Scot decided because I would have a hard time choosing. Which do you like?

Manifest Jukebox Vol 2: Streets of Fire by Bluffs

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pie Pants.

Excuse the Simpsons reference there but, this video is amazing! I love everything about it. The sound, the method, the science! I have often day dreamed what it would be like if we could see sound, or watch waves of energy bounce and collide around us, so this is pretty awesome:

Monday, August 8, 2011


A High Res. detail of an attempt at a landscape. I think this is from a section of the "sky". This is where color layering and using different inks pays off, I love the yellow peaking through where the water color would not bind.