Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Patterns Unseen.

I always love seeing patterns that we can't normally see. I adore the way that two similar perforated patterns passing each other reveal a hidden interference pattern, but there are even more amazing patterns that we are not normally aware of that are floating by us, drifting through space and time, pulsing, expanding, reshaping each other as they flitter in and out of existence. Seemingly random patterns of light, movement, reactions, etc, if drawn or plotted often start to reveal surprising shapes and forms that otherwise will have gone unseen. When I contemplate these patterns, I begin to day dream of those interlaced patterns of the universe that predict the unpredictable, and point to the unknown. The video below reveals amazing patterns in harmonics of sound through pairs of frequency modulation based oscillators. Very definable shapes in patterns hidden in sound, a sound that if you were to only hear, you would have no idea contained such structure! Watch as it unfolds, into seemingly 3D shapes, and complex diminishing patterns.