Monday, May 16, 2011

Falling Tree Audio

Some years ago me and Scot decided to start a musical project. We both had strong backgrounds in the ways of electronic music. Agreeing that we would not me making 'dance' music, we decided to make something that would showcase the sounds we liked, something that would not really follow any rules (because you know, we're rebels. Cheese on!) and something that might even follow the accessible structures of pop music. This was Grackle Pop. Grackle Pop has since ended up sort of being an umbrella name for what we have been up to, and once more things have started to happen. As part of that process Scot and I have setup:

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This is a place to showcase some of whats been going on in our speakers these years since the inception of the project. I wont explain too much more as I wrote a nice post HERE explaining why the blog is there. I'll still post audio oddities and such here, there may be some doubling up on both sites, but Falling Tree Audio will give a more complete picture as to what the two of us have been doing. Our first release will be coming up soon!

Speaking of doubling up, check this cool tile image comprised of details of pictures take with my Hazcam:

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