Friday, June 3, 2011

There it is, in the details.

Me and Scott have completed three tracks for our Grackle Pop project, which will actually be released under the name Bluffs. This is a pretty big deal for us! Especially if you've known how long we have been making music together. You can get an idea of why it has taken so long by reading this post HERE. So we are still in the process of finding logos, fonts, making web pages and generally putting together a game plan for how we plan on putting it out and getting it into peoples ears. Fear not eager reader (and mildy interested reader) you will hear them soon enough. Part of the process is letting a few people hear the tracks as we decide what to do with them. So that involves creating the MP3's, tagging them with relevant information and assigning some temporary artwork to the files while we settle on art for the EP (or single tracks as it may be). So for some temporary artwork I created a file for the standard MP3 image size and "auditioned" (almost chose sections at random) several detail shots of some of my recent artwork, which I mysteriously referred to in this POST. So I thought I would share some of the choices I chose from:

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