Monday, June 27, 2011


Another detail of a larger piece.

Some times it's the little accidents make something pleasing. Often in the world of audio the "happy accidents" are left in, a mistake or unintentional slip that ends up with something awesome that would be near impossible to come up with on your own in the context of what you were trying to accomplish. The random act of something you did with out intent, that yields unexpectedly positive results is something rare and precious. I think as you come to enjoy this influence of chaos you also learn to run with it. This little detail is full up accidents both happenstance and forced. The positive and negative of a stencil switch places, the seeming random colors are actually shapes and letters near buried. The little odd dots are constellations of bleed through of a larger object. The light criss-crossing lines of gray that look like brush strokes, are actually my finger pushing around dried ink. I like to look at these fluid squiggles and wonder what in my brain was directing this voyage? Turn here, stop, reverse direction! I guess it's the same thing that tells you "that's enough ink there" "don't cover that bit up any more than it already is". Interesting stuff. This little detail highlights, what to me (in a staring at clouds sort of way) looks like some sort of weird beak nosed strider. The actual lighter brush strokes seem to add a sort of depth that starts to set a scene for me. The point of all this dissection is that what may seemingly be random may not be random at all. In my opinion it's this costume of randomness that makes some of the most interesting media... it's something I definitely strive for, but also something I don't want to push too far that it becomes robotic and, ironically, 'forced'. Sitting on the fence between "by design" and "by accident" is a funky mental balancing act.

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