Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Getting back to it.

SXSW is nearly upon us. Music is on our minds. Time to get the music machine up and running.
I'm in a band, Rally Rally, but there is another older project that has been laying dormant... waiting. Mutating. Growing.
Grackle Pop.
Some of you may know about this project, I've been working on it for some time with fellow elusive Grackle wizard, Scott. We completed some remixes and there is upwards of 20 or so tracks in various stages of completion. We long searched for, and auditioned, several vocalists, we wanted to to be some sort of electro..pop.. mutant thing, but alas nothing worked for us. So in December we decided it was time (after several loved ones and friends kept telling us how much they liked the demos) to put some of it out there. So in the beginning of April we will be going into the studio with Danny Reisch of Good Danny's to complete an EP. As such, we decided to start recording and re-recording so of the bits going into the record. So this Sunday we went over to the Rally Rally recording roof and got Mig from Rally Rally to lay down some tracks while me and Scott tweaked away on the Moogerfoogers. It feels good to get back to work on these tracks and see where they go...

As a celebration of the reanimation of Grackle Pop here is another little video. I made this as I was composing some pieces for an intro section to a track, and there is a good chance that section might not appear in the final track so I rendered a few of the loops sequentially then just went to my slowly building achive of video clips from the Hazcam and pieced this together. As with most little audio visual things on this blog, it's just a snap shot, a preview, an appetizer.

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